The OTIF Improvement Course is here!

I am pleased to announce that The OTIF Improvement Course is now available and you can sign up from today to access the lessons. The course is designed to help time strapped managers implement a proven system that can help to improve the delivery performance of their business and includes: 13 punchy lessons, each aimed at…

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The Perils of Rigid Capacity Planning Models

capacity planning for on time delivery

Summer is here! The weather might not be (if you are reading this from the UK), but it is definitely that time of year. Each year, whilst working with businesses in the run up to this period (and during), it never ceases to amaze me that the capacity plans used to schedule their projects /…

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Creating Guiding Principles for Your Improvement Projects

Using Continuous Improvement Principles

One of the key elements of the Improvement Accelerator Framework is the use of the ‘guiding principles document. I have just uploaded an explanation of what this document is made up of and how you can use it. The presentation can be viewed below: Creating guiding principles for your improvement projects from gilesjohnston Enjoy, Giles

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Nudging: An Essential Continuous Improvement Skill

continuous improvement - the art of nudging

Nudging! It doesn’t sound like much does it? But, nudging is an essential skill because it can help you to see an implementation through to its logical conclusion. If you don’t reach the conclusion you won’t get the benefits you want. Let’s face it – if implementing change into our businesses was that easy it…

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Do Your Team Know What They Are Doing?

Are your teams aligned with their roles?

Do your team members live up to the essence of their role? We all have lots of things to do, day-to-day. It is easy to lose our role in amongst the busy-ness of our working lives. Let me give you a quick example. The Buyer buys. How’s that for simple? Or, how about this one?…

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Get the Better You Bundles for Good Now!

personal development bundle

It’s here! The Better You Bundles for Good is on sale now for four days only. Get over $6000 worth of personal development courses and books for only $97. There are over 140 products in this amazing bundle! If you are interested in improving your life, there has never been a better selection of resources…

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Re-Focus Your Continuous Improvement Efforts for Greater Results

Further to my post the other day about creating guiding principles to direct your continuous improvement efforts I have just uploaded a short video to help you implement this idea into your business. You can view below it in this post also. The video is just under 8 minutes and could help you to re-direct…

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Don’t Lose Sight of Why Continuous Improvement is a Must!

The continuous improvement choice

Many people think that they don’t have time to undertake continuous improvement projects. Their days are busy. I get it.   But what is in the busy-ness? Chaos, confusion, frustration…. Definitely not the results that they want for the business. Have these people lost sight of why continuous improvement exists in the first place? It…

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Get the Free “Change Your Life!” ebook


Do you want some great actionable tips and advice on how to improve your life from many top personal development experts? You can download the free ebook “Change Your Life!: Experts Share Their Top Tips and Strategies for Reaching Your Highest Potential” by clicking the link below and signing up to the mailing list. Get…

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Use this Simple Strategy to Blast through your CI Projects

continuous improvement - guiding principles

Trying to keep your focus on your improvement projects on top of your normal day-to-day activities can be a tough ask for most of us. For others, generating new improvement ideas can be difficult. If you are facing either of these issue then try out the strategy contained in this article; I have used it…

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