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Do You Need To ‘Upgrade’ The Way Your Business Works?

Business Process Re-engineering is a practical how to guide based on the author’s direct experience of helping businesses to improve their business performance. It is aimed at the person whose job it is to make operational and on time delivery improvements happen.

During the time he has worked as an engineer, manager and business improvement consultant, the author, Giles Johnston, has identified a number of approaches that work for his wide range of clients time and time again. Different clients, different businesses, different needs… but similar approaches.

‘Business Process Re-engineering’ outlines these approaches in a simple way that makes them easy to apply directly to your business. The method outlined in this book has been applied to businesses in the service sector, the manufacturing sector, the public sector, the construction sector, the third sector and more.

Two Step Approach

If you are short of time and need to quickly achieve tangible benefits for your business, then this practical guide book is for you. The book is broken down into two main sections. The first part of the book looks at several approaches which can each serve to improve the operational performance of the business. The second part of the book shares a range of techniques that you and your team can use to implement the changes rapidly.

Sprinkled with real world examples, the book also covers the following topics:

  • Creating a ‘compass’ to help you guide your improvement efforts.
  • Process mapping.
  • Reducing lead time within processes.
  • Developing effective business routines.
  • Resource management.
  • Process improvement.
  • Job role simplification.
  • How to get your improvement activities to make progress.
  • A compilation of all of the actions points contained in the book, for easy reference.

Shorter lead times, improved on time delivery performance and less fire fighting are just around the corner.

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Thanks for writing the book from an independent project manager’s perspective.
“A great book which was easy to read, with a good range of tools for process modelling which can be easily implemented.”

Great, practical piece of work.
“This is an outstanding synopsis of steps that any size business or organization could take to improve operations. I view the contents to be useful for people new to the concepts of change management, sales and operations planning, enterprise resource planning, or process management and a vital resource to those already versed in the subjects as a reminder of the principles in terms that the lay audience can easily understand. The inclusion of the comprehensive list of summarized action steps as a stand alone unit at the end of the book is the “cherry on top.” I will use this in teaching as well as my own personal business. The price benefit ratio on this one is high!”

Good for beginner to intermediate
“The book does a thorough job to get the thinking on the right track, and is a good starting point to get conversations going. I think if you are new to the subject then this will be a great read!!!”

Read a sample of ‘Business Process Re-engineering’

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