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  • Do you find that your improvement projects are difficult to implement?
  • Are you always creating new ideas to improve how your business works, but find that the results don’t follow?
  • Do you want some simple to follow strategies that can both help you to make changes happen and potentially get you recognised as the 'go to person' when it comes to making improvements for your business?
  • Are you familiar with the popular improvement methods, but need something extra to help you pull those ideas together, so that you can ‘make it happen’?

What is Making It Happen?

Making It Happen is a online course (new lessons are delivered weekly). It includes practical methods, ideas and strategies to accelerate the results you get from your business improvement projects.

If you need to make change a reality in your business but are struggling to get projects off the ground, or find them stalling, then Making It Happen can help you.

The first 10 lesson topics are:

  • Using a simple reflection method to immediately boost your improvement abilities.
  • A simple way to get your teams to offer improvement ideas.
  • How to create an effective action plan.
  • A robust prioritisation strategy, to help you achieve maximum results.
  • Using the PDCA improvement cycle for greater effect.
  • Incorporating tiny steps into your work life and harnessing Kaizen to get projects moving.
  • Using 'inoculation' to get your teams onboard with your improvement challenge.
  • Standardising your current meetings for better results.
  • Developing practical team based KPIs that accelerate results.
  • Aligning roles and responsibilities for sustaining project benefits.

Only $12USD per month

During your free trial (1 month) you can determine if the content in Making It Happen is for you.

If it isn't, just cancel your subscription within the membership area and that's it.

If you are finding it useful, just carry on and keep receiving the new lessons for just $12USD a month thereafter.

You can leave at any time, and should you choose to rejoin us you can carry on from where you left off.

What are my credentials?

Hi, my name is Giles Johnston.

My background is in manufacturing. I am proud to say that I am a Chartered Engineer, and I have worked in a variety of engineering and operations management roles; the lessons I am sharing with you really are born from a practical perspective.

I spend my working life delivering change management projects for my clients. I also know that the working day can be hectic and riddled with problems, so these short modules are designed to give you a quick boost each week as you develop your own improvement style.

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    Whether you are looking to use the Making It Happen content to help the business you work in, or for your own personal development (who doesn't want to hire a person who can get results?) the lessons that I share are aimed at helping you to see more changes take place and stick within your place of work.

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