Have you used the Concern-Cause-Countermeasure (also known as CCC or 3Cs) approach before to drive up your business performance?

It is a tried and tested tool that can dramatically improvement your performance levels and improve team engagement.

This download, only $5, includes step by step instructions that also explains how you can apply this idea further so that you can focus it on specific business improvement objectives.


Implement within the hour

After you purchase the worksheet and instructions you should be able to implement the idea within an hour and be managing improvements thereafter.

I personally use this tool with my clients and have used it whilst running factories in the past. It is a great way to capture issues and concerns from your team and then transform them into an effective action plan ultimately leading to results. You can use it for a quick fix improvement, or as part of your staple of continuous improvement tools.

The step by step instructions will help you to integrate it into your existing approach (don’t worry – the instructions are only 3 pages long!) and help you to get the most from this tool.

Once you get your teeth into this approach you will be able to find more and more applications for using it. I have used it to troubleshoot maintenance systems, speed up administration departments, improve quality within manufacturing teams and eliminate the waste from management processes.

The method that I share with you in the instructions are no different to those that I currently use with my clients and you can get them too for just a few dollars.


Download your copy here

To get hold of your copy, follow the link below:

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