To purchase one StreamLiner licence

Please pick the correct version of StreamLiner that meets your needs from the options below.

After payment, you will immediately receive an email with a link to download the software.

Please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here if you want to use this software on more than one PC.

If you have Microsoft Access (version 2003 or greater) then select this version.

One Access Licence - $59

If you do not have Microsoft Access* then please click the below 'Add to Cart' button. Microsoft Windows only.

One Non-Access Licence - $59

* This version has a run time license included, please do not purchase if you have Microsoft Access (2003 or later) already on your PC.

To purchase additional StreamLiner licences

If you want to run StreamLiner on more than one PC please purchase additional licences using the button below.

Purchase additional licences - $25 each

If you want to know how to use Google Drive to link up your continuous improvement collaborators with StreamLiner read this article.