StreamLiner Videos

To find our more about the StreamLiner software, and how it works, please view these short overview videos.


This is a short overview video that tours the software and how it works.

Using CCC within StreamLiner

StreamLiner embraces the CCC (Concern - Cause - Countermeasure) approach to help you engage your team with continuous improvement. This video shows you how this works within the StreamLiner software.

Auditing processes with StreamLiner

Auditing is a great way to find out if your processes are robust, and a great launch pad for continuous improvement projects. This video shows StreamLiner's auditing function in action.

Using StreamLiner to manage your waste walks

Waste walking is a great method to get your staff involved with the continuous improvement conversation taking place in your business. StreamLiner has waste walks built into its core functionality, and this video shows you how it works.


Find out more about the StreamLiner continuous improvement project software by clicking here.