Determine how big a change your processes need to make, before you start

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Operations and management professionals who want an effective framework to help them improve how their products and services are delivered.

Do your changing workloads make you wonder if your business processes are still ‘fit for purpose’?

Do you want to find a method to guide you when you are looking to get more work completed during the working day?

Are you looking to achieve more tangible results from your business improvement projects?

How much change is enough?

Sometimes it can feel that your business improvement projects aren't making enough of a change. There is a simple approach that can take the guesswork out of changing a process; it is called ‘Takt Time’.

By using some basic facts and figures you can determine exactly how much of a shift you need to make to your processes, and ultimately guide your thinking to create the right degree of change.

This short book, written by an experienced business consultant, gives you a step by step guide to determine your new business process design. By using takt time as the basis for this re-design you will identify the right amount of change required for your business.

Will it work for your business?

Takt time is at the core of lean manufacturing improvements, and can be applied to any process in any sector. If you are outside of the manufacturing industry and have never heard of takt time then please be assured that it can work for you.

The case study found in the early pages of the book is from a non-manufacturing environment; this approach is applicable to all business sectors.

If you have never improved a business process before and want some pointers there is also an overview of how to go about doing this too.

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I liked that the book was short and simple.

It is suitable for those with no knowledge of what Takt time is but need to learn a process to measure production efficiencies.

Peter Watson


  • Read a sample of 'Takt Time' here.

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