I’ve just uploaded a new video to YouTube that shows how StreamLiner addresses three common Lean problems. These problems are:

  1. Having improvement plans everywhere.
  2. Not know what tools to use.
  3. Lacking a proper method to prioritise improvements.

If you aren’t familiar with StreamLiner let me summarise the video here.

StreamLiner consolidates all of your actions in one place. This means that you can analyse a process from several different angles to find different improvement opportunities and then have one improvement plan. Even better, you can see all of your improvements across all projects in one place. No longer do you need to have a plan for everything stuck on your walls, or (worse) forgetting about your plans because there are too many!

Secondly, we’ve taken a simple range of practical Lean tools to build the StreamLiner system. We’ve put our own twists on the classics to make them even more effective and given them to you here. So, if you aren’t sure what tool to use, or are new to this type of improvement approach, you don’t have to worry. Pick any one of the tools off the list and dive straight in.

Finally, StreamLiner has a built in prioritisation system called BCS to help you identify your ‘biggest bang for your buck’. This means that you can ensure that your team is always focused on the best return for their efforts. This is also how you ensure that your business improves at the fastest possible rate.

If you watch the above video you will be able to see the StreamLiner software in action. The software is available for a one time payment of $59 with additional seats being available for just $25 each (again, one time payment).

To get your copy of StreamLiner, please choose from the Access or non-Access version below.

For more information place visit the main StreamLiner page.

Giles Johnston

Giles Johnston is a Chartered Engineer who consults with businesses to improve their productivity and on time delivery performance. Giles is also the author of What Does Good Look Like? and the co-creator of the StreamLiner business improvement software program.