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Whether you’re just starting out or well versed in 5S, Lean, Six Sigma projects (or other process improvement methodologies) Making It Happen is for you. This online course utilises the same practical approaches I use with clients, in helping them improve their operational performance.

Making It Happen is designed to fit in with your busy working day. It does this through small but powerful change strategies. They can really help you change your business performance!

Whether you want this programme for your own personal development (to become the go to person for making change happen) or whether you have some operational performance issues you need to resolve, Making It Happen, will cover your needs.

Making It Happen is made up of the following elements:

  • Tools

    My twists on the classics, and my own tools, helping you get better results from change projects.

  • Strategies

    Ideas and methods, to help you engage your teams, and look at improvement from different perspectives.

  • Worksheets

    Many of the modules include downloadable worksheets, so you can get started straight away.

  • Exercises

    Each module comes with a short, practical exercise, enabling your team to put the ideas into practice.

  • Sprints

    Several sprint projects are included in the membership. These focus your efforts on specific improvement challenges.

  • Coaching Emails

    Follow up emails, to help you quickly implement the ideas, follow each of the main lessons.

How the Making It Happen course works

It’s an online course that you can do at your own pace. Each week you receive an e-mail, notifying you of the next available lesson. Improve your skills and benefit your business at the same time!

In-between lessons are short, coaching focused emails, to help you get the most from the course. They are quick, easy to apply ideas, even when you have little or no spare time in your working week. Your fully accessible archive means you can always go back and review previous material.

And, if you need to slow things down a bit, you can pause the programme and re-start it when you feel ready to - you are in control.

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If, however, you don't think the rest of the programme is for you then simply leave before the end of the first month and you won't be billed. Simple.

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