StreamLiner Testimonials

Here are some of the comments our users have made about using StreamLiner in their businesses.

As a SHEQ and Maintenance Manager I need to deal efficiently and effectively with a number of key areas within the business; on a day to day basis and also over the medium and long term. To do this I need operational and management systems that allow me to focus on these key areas with relative ease, allowing them to be suitably and sufficiently maintained whilst always striving for continual improvement.

The StreamLiner package, as the name indicates, has allowed me to streamline my data into one management system. Initially being used as an auditing tool, it has now proven to be an invaluable tracking and PPM system that is used frequently. It is also used for meetings, process analysis, and for projects where cost/benefit analysis is required. So whether I have my health and safety, environment, quality, or maintenance hat on, the StreamLiner system always has something to offer.

Michael Haley
UTS Engineering Ltd

Firstly, I found having the templates readily available a great asset - being able to print out exactly what my team needed was great. This got my guys straight onto the improvement tasks without having to come up with an improvement method!

Secondly, the linking of files to my projects meant that I could easily access key documents without having to trawl our server and waste time during meetings. This made project meetings shorter, and me look more professional!

Thirdly, the actions management section is brilliant. It makes tracking improvement activity so much easier than what I was doing before. It seems as though I can handle more projects at any one time because they are all organised in the same way.

Operations Manager
UK Automotive Plant

I was one of the beta testers for the software. I thought the software was pretty self-explanatory. I wasn’t as familiar with Access itself prior to using the software so that was a small learning curve. Otherwise, it was pretty simple to use. Which is great in my opinion.
The biggest benefit of StreamLiner is the look of it (design simplicity) does not seem intimidating, and that is more helpful than I can even explain because a lot of our employees get overwhelmed at times with new software.
I’m currently taking a Lean Six Sigma course, and I used the software at work as well as during my class. I will continue to use it if that tells you anything.
The forms are very useful. We already had some of these forms made, but the Process Analysis Template and Waste Walk templates were especially useful.
I would recommend this software to others.

Philip J
Quality Assurance Specialist


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