Waste Reduction Workshop Kit

Get your lean projects moving by getting your teams involved through waste walking

Are you starting on your Lean improvement journey and need a good place to start?

Waste walking is a vital tool to improving how your business works, and for getting your teams involved with the improvement process.

As you know, waste and value are the two balancing elements of the Lean equation. By driving out the waste from your business you can use your time and resources on creating more value, reducing your unit costs and improving the levels of service experienced by your customers.

This kit comprises a set of files, you can access immediately via our download page, that you can tailor to match the branding of your business and amend to include any business specific content you need to add.

The files include:

P.S. This same kit has been used by a number of clients who have used it to generate business improvement project ideas. Just be ready to get your 'prioritising pen' out when you use it!

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