PDCA Complete - online task management system

PDCA Complete is an online continuous improvement and task management system. It's aim is to help you capture your improvement opportunities and manage the tasks both efficiently and effectively.

This system was developed due to a frustration with existing online task management systems. Let me tell you what is different. 

All your tasks in one place

On the face of it, this isn't unique... but it is the way we've done it!

Not only can you review your tasks, you can see the tasks that you have assigned to others, the tasks that you need to approve and the tasks that you are involved with as a stakeholder.

All the tasks have visual updates - you can see what tasks have changed and what has changed about them!

You can also view the tasks that your team have... leading nicely to the next point.

We use a team structure

Don't want the office junior to assign tasks to the owner?

PDCA Complete has a quick to setup hierarchy tool. You can define your direct reports, including who can assign tasks to who.

You can also choose who each team member can seek approvals from. 

Optional task approvals

How many times have you put a task into a task system, to see it disappear without trace?

We all have a trigger happy colleagues amongst us, don't we?

Our optional approval system will keep the task live, until you say it is truly complete.

We've also designed the system so that you can see the history of tasks without having to dig your way through an archive!

Continuous improvement tools built in

PDCA Complete is more than just a task management system. We've included a handful of effective continuous improvement tools to help you on your journey.


Our built in 'BCS' prioritisation system can help you get the biggest bang for your buck.


Audit against your performance standards and assign tasks fast.


Convert process concerns into improvement opportunities and action with this tool.

Tools to help manage your processes

Our digital workflow tool can help you to trigger the routine tasks for your business processes. Quick to configure, invaluable to your team.

The meetings module can help you to capture the ongoing tasks from your business management meetings, or your continuous improvement team meetings.

All of the actions flow into the My Tasks screen, allowing simple management of all your business activities.

Get started today for free

We've made PDCA Complete free to get started. For teams up to three, you can access all of these tools (and more).

If you need to expand your team, then you can upgrade your free subscription at any time.