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Welcome to Systems and Processes. My name is Giles Johnston and this website hosts the products that I have created to help businesses with their continuous improvement and on time delivery challenges. If you want practical, useable, strategies to accelerate the change you experience in your business then you have come to the right place.

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Making It Happen

This is my library that shares practical strategies, methods and templates that can accelerate the rate of change taking place within your business.

The library is available as either a weekly online course, or as an immediate download.

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StreamLiner is best be described as lean project management software that can speed up your rate of improvement.

Find opportunities fast, optimise your improvement plan and manage change efficiently.

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On Time Delivery Kit

This kit is ideal if you want a ready to use management approach that can improve your on time delivery performance.

From checklists, meeting agendas, routines and training materials this kit comes ready to use.

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In the blog section of this website I share updates, ideas and news that can help your business to improve its operational performance.

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I spend most of my time supporting manufacturing businesses directly, if you want to know more about my credentials and what I get up to, then please visit my main consulting website at www.smartspeed.co.uk. The products I have created are based on practical real world experiences and client successes.

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Giles Johnston

Author of Business ‘Process Re-engineering‘ and creator of the online continuous improvement course ‘Making It Happen‘.