My latest book ‘Every Business Needs a Routine‘ is now available from Amazon. You can get a copy in paperback or Kindle format.

I wrote the book because I found so many business processes fall over due to a lack of having a good routine.

There are many business processes that rely on an external input to kick them off but what about those that don’t?

  • Appraisals
  • Profitability reviews
  • Continuous improvement meetings
  • ERP / CRM system housekeeping
  • Customer order book reviews
  • Departmental meetings
  • Quality / Environmental / Safety management systems
  • Calibration and servicing events

… you get the idea.

There a numerous crises I get involved with, as a consultant, with new clients.

Guess what?

Most of them have poor business routines (or just informal ones that are ropey at best!).

So, I decided to put my thoughts on the matter into this book. I’ve made it as short as possible without losing anything, you’d be able to read it in in an hour or two.

If you are sick of the Groundhog Day effect in your business then get hold of your copy of Every Business Needs a Routine today.

Giles Johnston
Giles Johnston

Giles is a Chartered Engineer and the author of several books on process improvement including, What Does Good Look Like? and Effective SOPs.