Housekeeping is one of those really un-sexy business activities, especially when it comes to systems.

It means that you need to update all the records in your system so they are up to date, accurate and relevant. With better data in your system you can rely on the information and make better decisions. A clogged up system becomes unworkable and, put bluntly, you waste the money you invested in the system.

What parts of a system need housekeeping?

  • CRM records
  • Quotes
  • Sales orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Bill of Materials
  • Stock records
  • Despatch lists
  • Invoices

I’m sure you get the gist.

Clean and tidy electronic systems are vital for the effective use of a business system. However, housekeeping is seen as a chore, and it is!

But, you can nibble your way through it. Little and often is one of the best ways to handle this.

If you aren’t on top of your housekeeping, create a routine for your business and attack a little part of it every week.

Giles Johnston
Giles Johnston

Giles is a Chartered Engineer and the author of several books on process improvement including, What Does Good Look Like? and Effective SOPs.